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The trASHE

Mar 30, 2023

Alex, Nat, and Ang join the show to talk about toilet paper and long nails, Jonah Hill the Liberator, Polly Pockets, and zombie junkies.

Mar 21, 2023

Ryan Foster is a comedian from Philadelphia and host of the Foster Care podcast.

You can find Foster Care on Ryan's YouTube page and wherever podcasts are found.

Follow Ryan: @ryanfoster_  on Instagram and Twitter

Mar 12, 2023

Miguel Silva and  Drew Flores( Dork Court), and Mark are back. We learn the proper way to clean a car's windshield.


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The Trashe

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Mar 3, 2023

Comedian. Podcast host. Actor. Author. And co-King of the FGRs. The great Mike Rainey joins us to talk about his fantastic new book, On Percs.

On Percs is a detailed account of Rainey’s descent into prescription painkiller addiction expressed through hundreds of his most unsettling, intoxicated Facebook posts. Get...

Feb 26, 2023

Geoffrey Asmus is a standup comedian based in New York.

He began performing stand-up in 2013 immediately after wasting $143,548 in college. Soon after Geoffrey was selected as a ‘New Face’ performer at Just For Laughs Montreal and featured on FOX’s ‘Laughs’ and Kevin Hart’s LOL Network. Geoffrey is a regular...